Prepared Notes for Board Meeting – VP

January 10, 2011

 Marc A. Schare –  

614 791-0067



It’s with a sense of great humility that I thank my colleagues for their trust as we begin this new year. The first order of business is to extend the thanks of the entire school district to our outgoing President, Julie Keegan, who led our board through some difficult moments but always with a grace and dignity that were inspiring to us all. Thank you, President Keegan.


The next order of business for any new President is to seek nominations for the office of Vice President and I will begin that process myself. When I first came on the board in 2006, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the stuff I didn’t know. I quickly learned that Jennifer Best was the go-to person on the board to get questions answered quickly. Jennifer’s reward for answering my questions was usually more questions, but over the years, hopefully, they’ve tapered off some and Jennifer no longer lives in fear of the 5pm Monday panicked phone call. Jennifer Best has been and continues to be my mentor on this board and it is a high honor and personal privilege to nominate her to the office of Vice President.