Prepared Notes for Board Meeting

January 25, 2010

Marc A. Schare

 614 791-0067


I wanted to comment briefly on the remarks made by Charlie Wilson two weeks ago. Charlie’s main point is that over the years I’ve taken certain actions which are antithetical to Charlie’s view of what board service or board leadership should be. I respect his opinion and I respectfully disagree with it. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last that Charlie and I disagree, however, our joint constituents can celebrate the fact that they’ve elected a board that can and does disagree and debate, sometimes publically sometimes not but always with our perceptions of what is in the best interests of Worthington stakeholders. At times, I am the outlier in our group. At times, Charlie is. At other times, David, Jennifer and Julie have all served that role. My point is that divergence of thought in a board of education is a good thing when done in a positive and respectful manner and honestly, while I disagree with much of what Charlie said, I am thankful I serve on a board with colleagues that allow minority views to be aired.