Prepared Notes for Board Meeting

February 8, 2010

Marc A. Schare

614 791-0067


The Treasurerís Advisory Committee met last week and received a very raw, preliminary report from the auditor. The report looked at staffing levels in each Worthington building compared to the average of our peer group. The report, preliminary as it was, hinted that Worthington taxpayers are indeed paying a price for the benefit of having small, neighborhood schools, a condition that was most evident when looking at our middle schools. The report does not attempt to get into quality issues. The auditing team also provided a look at busing efficiency. The thing that jumped off the page at me was the percentage of students that took the bus. In Worthington, it was 47% while in our peer group districts, it was 75.7%. The auditor will be looking closely and these and other anomalies. Let me stress that all of this data is preliminary and that the TAC will go where the data takes us.


The TAC also looked at the current forecast post-levy. It would appear that if we do nothing, the forecast demonstrates a requirement for 2 additional operating levys and a bond issue in the next 4 years. The TAC will continue to work with and monitor the Superintendentís budget review committee as well as other district initiatives in hopes of keeping the levy cycle manageable in the face of increasing costs, state budget shortages, the loss of the tangible personal property tax and the continuing drip-drip-drip of unfunded state mandates such as all day Kindergarten and House Bill 373.