Prepared Text for Board Meeting – April 28,  2008 -- Video

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Tonight, I have the honor of presenting the board of education impact award to George Sontag, Jim Baker and Joanne Zwick.


The award is for the video about Bus Safety and bullying, but in true “our town” fashion, I want to make two observations. The first has to do with the district’s transportation program. As a board member, I don’t often hear about transportation. It comes up from time to time with this proposal or that proposal, but in general, Mr. Sontag, his team and our bus drivers do the job day in and day out without much fanfare, so it gives me great pleasure to recognize the entire transportation team not only for this video but for the work they do for the kids every single day. The second observation is for the second topic of tonight’s video. I cannot emphasize enough the seriousness that we must take bullying. My colleague, David Bressman has made this almost a personal mission of his and I thank him and join him in that effort. Suffice to say that a child who is concerned with getting hassled at 3pm or what will be written about her on Myspace or Facebook that evening is not concentrating on math or science. David told me a while back that you may not remember the name of your 6th  grade math teacher, but you never forget your bully. This district, through the safe schools committee has made some great progress on this issue. Any effort this district makes to further eliminate bullying is time and money well spent. I commend Principal Baker and Joanne Zwick for their recognition of the problem and for creating a video that addresses both bus safety and bullying.