Prepared Notes for Board Meeting  (Student Board Members)

June 14, 2010 

Marc A. Schare

 614 791-0067



Today, we give recognition to our first group of Student Board Members, Max Bruch, Rachel Webb and BJ Huang.


It’s never easy being first. When we started the Student Board Member program, no one really knew what to expect and there were no precedents to guide us. It was, and is, a learning experience all around. Thanks to the pioneering effort of these three outstanding students, the program was not only helpful to the board but we’ll be able to apply the lessons learned as we invite future student board members to help provide that critical link between the board and the student body.  


For Max Bruch, I’ll always remember his hospitality on the board’s Linworth trip and it was obvious that he took much away from his association with this board. For example, he was so inspired by Mr. Bressman’s well documented love of Yoga that he decided to study “Hot Yoga” in British Columbia on his walkabout. Max assures me that it is mere coincidence that after serving several months with us, he chose the furthest point from Worthington in North America for his walkabout.  Max was always free with his opinions and I thank him for his service.


I have a number of memories of Rachel Webb, including the frequent looks of absolute disbelief at what was transpiring at our board meetings. I was privileged to listen to Rachel give the keynote address at the 6th grade EPP graduation ceremony last week. She spoke with grace and elegance to the sixth graders of the need to take risks in their middle and high school careers. Rachel took a risk by agreeing to serve and we are better for the experience.


For BJ Huang, he caught on early that a board member can exert quiet influence over district policy and together with Max and Rachel, took on a challenging role of defining Worthington’s policy for credit flexibility. While BJ will not receive the benefits of that policy, a generation of Worthington students will have opportunities that BJ helped define, and that isn’t bad for a high school student.


As we get ready to greet our incoming student board members, we thank you one last time and we hope you’ll come back to pay us or our successors a visit from time to time.