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Our two local papers, the Worthington News and This Week in Worthington, are the primary source of district news for the 70%+ of residents who do not have children in the district. This page will make it easier to look at the Worthington Schools related content of these papers. The Columbus Dispatch periodically covers our district as well, usually around levy time. In addition, the Worthington Public Library has the "This Week" archives available to cardholders.


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04/13/2011 Similar schools pay superintendents $158,125 a year

Teachers have 442 years of combined experience

Folks line up for garage sale that raises cash for Phoenix

District mulls new leader's paycheck

04/06/2011 New school HR director to help fill many vacancies
Anti-bullying campaign's pants point out: We're all equal

Schools take search for leader to public

03/30/2011   Arrows point way to life lessons in schools' archery clubs

Linworth artists brush up skills in Phoenix classroom

03/23/2011 Superintendent search firm seeks input on criteria    
03/16/2011 Kilbourne High students launch anti-bullying effort Input on Conrath's replacement sought
Unions members should reconsider what's 'fair'

(DISPATCH): Teachers targeted?

03/09/2011 ESC group to assist with search for new superintendent
Board members join fray on Senate Bill 5

All-day kindergarten rates go up as district awaits decision

03/02/2011 Dunaway hops on schools' runaway retirement train

Efficiency, excellence: top priorities for school district

Sophomores look science in mouth to win Thomas Worthington event

Board declines to take stand on S.B. 5

  (DISPATCH): Some critics not out to kill bargaining bill
02/23/2011 Board to launch search for superintendent

Record crowds expected at 10th Pancake Day

Recognition pours in for Worthington instrumentalists

Conrath will step down in October

(DISPATCH): Bargaining is good for all concerned

02/16/2011 Worthington's Conrath to retire at end of 2011

A number of private school students may miss the bus

Worthington students hope to help, befriend Hondurans

Tweaks to bus service may save district cash

02/09/2011 Conrath: Schools must 'refocus' to meet future challenges
02/02/2011 Board ponders financial literacy question
Pottery with a purpose

Body of evidence: Mock trial students tackle tough case

01/26/2011 Conrath, Duffey expect state to rescue Kindergarten-plus program
District seeks close quarters for questions, conversation  
01/19/2011 All-day kindergarten
Future of district program is uncertain
01/12/2011 WKHS to offer I.B. program in 2012

Schare elected president of school board


Mandate throws wrench into all-day kindergarten

New Kilbourne program: 'Above and beyond the basics'. The new International Baccalaureate program seeks to foster innovation, creativity and knowledge among high school students.

01/05/2011   District braces for new year's financial tests

Full-scale cargo ship brings maritime comedy to life